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Travel to any country on any continent in the world, and there is bound to be a 6 string acoustic guitar somewhere within reach. Its versatility and resonating body make it capable of playing nearly any style of music, and being completely independent from any external source of power, it can be played anywhere. It may appear as just a wooden bodied instrument, but it has grown into something far more superior. It can act as a hobby, a profession, a conduit for emotion or even a tool for revolution- all depending on who is behind it.

1 Strange Design

The acoustic guitar sometimes gets a strange association (often when up against the electric) as the producer of sappy campfire songs and church sing alongs, but in reality, it is capable of so much more. Listen to the roll and fire of fingers playing flamenco music on an acoustic, the freight train flatpicking of Doc Watson or Norman Blake, or simply look at an image of Woody Guthrie holding a tiny battered acoustic with "This Machine Kills Fascists" tattooed on the front- and you'll start to catch a glimpse of what the instrument is capable of.

Its ability to capture and reflect emotion is another of its many capabilities, and one of the many reasons that it crosses so many borders and captures so many hearts. Songs picked or strummed can reflect a positive, joyful state, express love and longing, or can take on sorrowful lowdown tones of which there is no escaping. Travel to any country and they are bound to have national anthems, traditional folk songs and popular modern tunes that are all played on or backed by a simple acoustic. When a language barrier is reached, or words cannot express what needs to be said, take out an acoustic guitar and a universal language can be found.

2 Playing the Bass Guitar

On a personal level, playing the acoustic guitar can be a form of entertainment and even an outlet, but this is not until a relationship has been formed with it. When one begins playing the instrument, it is more often then not a source of frustration. But like any worthwhile relationship, it takes dedication, practice, and lots of patience. After some serious time and effort have been dedicated to the instrument, it always pays off in the end, and an acoustic guitar can turn into a lifelong companion. No matter where you are or what everyone else is doing, if you pick up an acoustic guitar, people are bound to stop and listen. Whether it's a 10,000 dollar piece of art, or a 20 dollar used guitar- they are both ultimately reaching the same purpose of playing chords, picking tunes, or shredding solos. It’s a powerful tool that can be used in so many more ways then one. It might only appear as a guitar, but look around the world, and all throughout history, and you'll see how much more than just an instrument it really is.

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