Acoustic Guitar Songs

acoustic guitar songs

Most guitarists pick up the instrument in hopes of learning their favorite acoustic guitar songs and melodies. Before tackling advanced pieces of music, its good to start with the basics. Try for simple, three chord songs that everyone knows. Tunes like "Iko Iko" consist of D, A7 and occasionally C7. Your best bet on learning this one is to memorize those chords. Once they are second nature to play and easy to finger, it's time to play the CD or MP3. This method of song learning actually improves hearing as well as song vocabulary


The acoustic guitar is generally strummed and this motion must be completely natural. Tap your foot along and play with others to practice your chops. There are many things going on when you strum. How hard is the pick? Are you holding it loosely or firm? These things must be discovered by you and you alone. After a bit of practice and experimentation, you will favor a certain style of pick as well as holding it. The thinner picks are best for starting out with acoustic guitar. They are a bit quieter than heavy picks and allow for more fluidity on the instrument.

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